Roofline Roof Delineator System System Benefits & Features

get a quoteA free-standing roof delineator system using galvanized cable. 

      1. Corrosion resistant galvanized cable.
      2. Easy to use clips for easy attachment.
      3. Resizable cable with included clamps.
      4. Highly visible orange coated cable.
      5. Cost effective alternative to guardrail where access to the edge of the roof is not required.
      6. Standard lengths of cable kept in stock for quick shipment.
Skyline Group Roofline Roof Delineator System is a free-standing system to be used as a bumpline on a roof where access is required on the roof, however close access to the roof-edge is not required. The system keeps people from getting close enough to an edge where they would be at risk of a fall. By keeping people away from hazard areas, you can avoid having to install guardrail at the roof edge, making Roofline a more cost-effective safety measure. This system can be used in conjunction with permanent guardrail systems such as the Non-Penetrating RoofBarrier system for those areas on the roof where close access to a roof edge is required, such as near the point of ladder access.
Roofline Roof Delineator System



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