5000 SERIES RoofBarrier Guardrail System system benefits & features

5000 Series RoofBarrier is a non-penetrating fall protection guardrail system for safe roof access. Used as a safety rail around roof perimeters, roof hatches, skylights, roof units, and walkways.


  1. Top Rail & Mid Rail - Pre-cut to length
  2. Straight Upright Post - Brackets are pre-installed
  3. End Outrigger - Pre-assembled & easy to install
  4. Mid Outrigger - Pre-assembled & short for minimal interference
  5. Baseplate - Low profile and compact for a reduced tripping hazard
  6. Baseplate Mat - Protects roof membrane
5000 SERIES RoofBarrier Guardrail System

Skyline Group 5000 Series RoofBarrier Guardrail System is a free-standing counterweighted system to be used as a roof guardrail where the public is exposed to any falling hazards. A ballasted guardrail which can be installed as flat roof safety barriers, providing roof fall protection. The RoofBarrier series are permanent roof guardrails requiring no penetration into the roof membrane. This rooftop guardrail system can also be used as roof hatch guardrail, providing handrails for safe access and egress through a roof hatch. RoofBarrier roof safety rail applications include fall protection around the roof perimeter, safe access when installed around an access ladder or roof hatch, skylight protection and walkway railing.



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