7000 Series KATT Aluminum Ladder System system benefits & features

7000 Series KATT fixed access ladder is an aluminum modular roof access system available with cage, platforms, parapet mount, and lead-on handrails. Also used for ships ladder and hatch access ladder solutions.


  1. Ladder Head Module - Easy & safe step through
  2. Ladder Attachment Bracket - Various sizes to suit multiple applications
  3. Precision Welded Rung Assembly - High strength, neat appearance
  4. Splice Join - For the easy joining of modules
  5. Profiled Rung - Anti-slip, comfortable to climb
  6. Ladder Body Module - Add or trim to achieve the required height
  7. Ladder Base Support Angle - Lower ladder attachment
7000 Series KATT Aluminum Ladder System 7000 Series KATT Aluminum Ladder System

The Skyline Group KATT aluminum roof access ladder is suitable for all safe roof access applications. KATT modular ladder access system is constructed using high grade aluminum, incorporating a profiled rung design with size and spacing meeting ladder codes and regulations. This aluminum roof access ladder is available with ladder cage, a prefabricated caged ladder which meets ladder cage codes. KATT roof ladder access systems applications include: permanent applications providing access to elevated areas and roofs for maintenance, safe access between varying roof levels, safe access into ceiling spaces and machinery platforms for plant and equipment maintenance. KATT fixed aluminum access ladders are vertical access ladders for flat roofs. Certified and installed to code, these fixed ladders provide safety and assurance for workers accessing roofs for equipment maintenance.




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