TSSA Rooftop Clearance

Published On : 2016-02-10

The gas code in Ontario requires that there be a clearance of at least six feet (2m) between a roof top unit and the roof edge or other hazard. If you have less than the required six feet of clearance then a variance is required. Unfortunately the variance must be granted by TSSA prior to installing a guardrail - should you have any problems doing this, contact us. Further information can be found on the TSSA website here.

The TSSA, Enbridge Gas, and other gas companies often point out deficiencies in height safety and access for gas units and in some cases can impose minimum time frames for the situation to be rectified before cutting off the gas supply. Fortunately we have experience with applying for variances and getting them approved – plus we keep our products in stock so we can ship quickly to make sure you meet your deadline!

This Sentry walkway & guardrail system was installed on a steel building in Ottawa, Ontario.

Sentry Guardrail and Walkway System

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