Speediest Custom Projects In The Industry

Published On : 2017-05-24

We understand the need for speed when a job is underway in the construction industry. That's why at Skyline Group we are prepared for, and can deliver incredibly quick turnaround times, not only with off-the-shelf products, but also with custom built projects.

Buildings often require custom made height safety systems. To make your roof and roof access safe and to protect workers from potential dangers while working at heights, you may need steps, platforms or crossover bridges designed and built specifically to suit the building. This would require custom built products, which Skyline can design, engineer and deliver in record time.

The reason Skyline is able to produce such fast results is because our custom designs use standard components, which are kept in stock. Most of these components are designed for their specific function, allowing for quick and easy fabrication of custom products.


The Hospital for Sick Children, also known as SickKids, is a major paediatric hospital located on University Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In October 2016, Skyline Group was contracted to provide height safety and access systems for the safe access of personnel onto and around the roofs of the SickKids hospital. This project required custom built products including ballasted guardrails, aluminum ladders, stairs and crossover steps which were designed, engineered and produced by Skyline for each phase of the job.

Below is the Hospital for Sick Children with RoofBarrier Guardail and KATT Ladder with cage installed.

Speediest Custom Projects In The Industry  Speediest Custom Projects In The Industry  Speediest Custom Projects In The Industry


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Speediest Custom Projects In The Industry


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Use the following Roof Safety Checklist that covers possible danger points on a roof. Be sure your roof is compliant with all codes and regulations!

Speediest Custom Projects In The Industry


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Speediest Custom Projects In The Industry


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