Mission 2016

Published On : 2016-02-10

Thanks to our customers, 2015 was a good year. We had a number of successes, but we made a few mistakes too! The team here worked hard to build a stronger business foundation; we employed new staff, restructured our sales team, and developed better procedures to give you a more consistent experience when dealing with us.

Last year we did a lot of different things for a lot of different people, but we realized we had to figure out what we were actually about to be successful long-term. We did some soul searching to find out who we really are and found that what we care about and push for is to 'Make height safety compliance easy'. Realistically, anyone could sell you height safety equipment, but we’re different - we give:

  • Fast and straight-forward communication
  • A hands-on approach
  • Knowledgeable and accurate advice
  • A simple way to be compliant with height safety codes
  • Plus we actually understand your life, because we’ve been in construction ourselves.

So with our combined knowledge and interest in making safety compliance easy, we will be publishing regular updates about codes, new products, and industry news.

If there is anything you want to hear about in particular email us at info@skylinegroupintl.com – and don’t forget to sign up!

Mission 2016

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