KATT: The Fixed Access Ladder with Grip

Published On : 2016-06-15

We know what you need! Architects are busy people with more important things to do than design code compliant ladders. For this very reason, safety ladders are being designed and installed every day that aren't to code. 

KATT ladders are made to cover the bases and go above and beyond. For example, the Ontario Fixed Access Ladders: Engineering Data Sheet suggests that ladder rungs should have a non-slip surface. Many ladders on today's designs and buildings show smooth rounded rungs which can quickly become a safety hazard in wet or icy weather. The KATT ladder's anti-slip profiled rung guarantees safe and comfortable climbing in all conditions.


KATT: The Fixed Access Ladder with Grip KATT: The Fixed Access Ladder with Grip


Let us make your life easier by providing specifications, drawings and project specific design assistance. We know the codes and regulations. We make height safety compliance easy.  Cilck here to request a specification package.

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