Installing A 15' Ladder

Published On : 2017-08-30

Why It's Easier To Install A Modular Aluminum Ladder Than A Welded Steel Ladder:

Installing A 15' Ladder

Lead Time

  • Next day delivery
  • Fabrication and galvanizing lead time 


Installing A 15' Ladder


  • Hand Bomb offload
  • Easy
  • Cost effective
  • Parts are small enough to fit into stairs, elevators and small spaces
  • Crane offload
  • Involves hassle
  • Expensive to hire equipment
  • Coordination needed to arrange offload


Installing A 15' Ladder


  • Flat-packed
  • Can fit on a pallet or pick-up truck
  • Can be offloaded by hand
  • Must be moved on a large enough trailer
  • Has to be offloaded by forklift or crane


The KATT aluminum vertical access ladder is specially designed to be a completely adaptable and customizable product. Being lightweight and modular allows it to be easily assembled on site. This fixed access ladder can be transported to the top of a building unassembled, using the stairs or elevator, eliminating the cost and hassle of hiring a crane to lift the ladder into place. 

KATT Series is available in three options, each with the ability to add a ladder door, safety cage and change of direction platforms. Additional sections can be added as required, to suit all applications.

Due to the versitality of the aluminum ladder, it can be used for various applications, including:

  • Access from ground to roof area
  • Varying roof levels
  • Internal mezzanines and platforms
  • Access to canopies
  • Access up elevated steel structures, cranes, silos, etc


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Installing A 15' Ladder          Installing A 15' Ladder          Installing A 15' Ladder

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